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    Bon Appetit!

    Fairgourmet - Gastronomie

    fairgourmet welcomes you to events at Leipzig trade fair with a broad offering of snacks, meals and beverages. Whether you are looking for curry sausages, pizzas or hot dogs - there are plenty of opportunities to take in a quick snack during the event. Would you like wine or beer, a soft drink or coffee with that? Or maybe a tasty cocktail?

    When providing food services to large events, fairgourmet deliberately focuses on sustainability and serves all take-away products using bio-dishes. If we are not able to use reusable dishes for logistical reasons, meals and beverages are served in environmentally-friendly and bio-degradable packaging. Find our for yourself how nice sugar cane waste can look, and how practical cellulose is for drinking and eating. The cups for hot and cold beverages, as well as the cutlery, are made of cellulose. Cardboard serving dishes for curry sausages and soup bowls are made of sugar cane waste. The benefits of this type of packaging: they are based on renewable resources, are bio-degradable and are thus climate-neutral. The use of sugar cane waste recycles materials that would otherwise be thrown out.

    Visit us at one of our counters and enjoy the services of our friendly and competent staff - fairgourmet has something for everybody: Enjoy unforgettable moments with us.


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      fairgourmet GmbH

      Seehausener Allee 2, 04356 Leipzig
      Phone: +49 341 / 678 70 00
      Fax: +49 341 / 678 70 02

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