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    Gross floor space 19,200 m² (building space)
    1,100 m² (gallery space)
    Length144 m
    Width 134 m
    Height 12 m / 16 m (interior area)

    General data

    • Events with up to 15,000 persons
    • Separate entrance area: Six double swing doors, three revolving doors
    • Foyer with cloakrooms and cash registers, gallery
    • Handicapped accessible facilities: passenger lift
    • Facilities/ancillary rooms: Artist's changing rooms and production offices, hall restaurant "Alte Waage", bistro facilities in hall, Infocounter, sanitary room, storage rooms
    • Direct access Bus / Taxi / VIP
    • Parking - Exhibition grounds:
      12,500 visitor parking spaces
      2,000 exhibitor parking spaces
      200 truck parking spaces
      150 parking spaces for buses, trucks, nightliners, outside broadcast vehicles right beside hall
    • Dynamic parking guidance system
    • Directions: Autobahn A 14 (exit Leipzig Messegelände), A 9 Schkeuditzer Kreuz, A 38 Kreuz Parthenaue
    • Connection to local public transport network
    • Advertising media / surfaces for exterior and interior

    Technical data

    • Supporting columns: 4,
    • Column-free interior space: 75 x 75 m
    • Can be accessed at ground level through 10 hall doors
    • Daylight / automatic hall darkening
    • Colour-neutral lighting, TV-compatible (approx. 300 lux / 1000 lux)
    • Media channels 5 metres apart (sub-floor system) with connections for electrical, water/waste water, communication and multimedia, sprinkler system, compressed air
    • Total power supply for hall: 8,000 A
    • Max. individual connection ratings: 400 V / 400 A
    • Floor load: 33 kN/m² (Wheel load: 100 kN)
    • Technical plans / plans for roof supporting structure in AUTOCAD, formats dwg / dxf
    • Network access in every area of the hall (for telephony, internet, IPTV etc.)
    • Redundant internet connection with up to 1000 Mbit/s for upload and download
    • Backward channel compatible HD TV through IP (feed-in of own contents)
    • High-speed fibre optic connections
    • Area-wide high-capacity wireless LAN
    • HD TV through IP and feed-in of own contents
    • Media connections in outside area of hall for outside broadcast vehicles


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