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    Grandstand system

    Everything you can think of - (almost) everything can be done!

    Tribünensystem der Leipziger Messe

    HALLE:EINS features a highly flexible mobile grandstand system that can be used for virtually all conceivable event configurations.

    Twelve grandstand sections with 360 seats each can be freely configured in the interior space of the HALLE:EINS. The thus available 4,320 grandstand seats can be supplemented in any manner (row seating, standing room, additional grandstand seating). Efficient movement modules and mostly automated systems allow for rapid installation and dismantling.

    All sections are fully cladded and fit in harmoniously with the rest of the hall. Fully upholstered seats make for a truly relaxed experience.

    The decoupled block portions with rows 1-10 can be transported (separately) on the trade fair grounds using a special transportation system, and can be used in other halls with a total capacity of max. 2,400 grandstand seats.

    Technical information

    • Steel frame construction
    • Telescopic / moveable
    • 12 sections, each can be moved separately
    • Excellent flexibility:
      - Entry Row 1-3
      - Entry Row 1-10
      - Separate use of individual sections, can be separated in rows 1-10 and rows 11-20
      - Disconnectable sides and front railings
    • Highest level of comfort:
      - Seats and backrests upholstered
      - LED stair lighting and edge lighting, adjustable
      - Integrated stairways
      - Numbering SECTION / ROW / SEAT
      - Emergency lighting / Pictograms
      - Backs feature solid cladding
      - Sides are cladded

    Installation options (excerpt)


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